12PCS Cawa Cups [LSII9]


The Lifesmile products are manufactured from Porcelain, able to resist catching stains and odor. The use of the highest quality and appropriate materials in the production process, combined with each article being hand-finished, guarantees the high quality of Lifesmile products for an extended period. Due to the special coating, Lifesmile products are the perfect solution for serving healthy and dietetic food without fat and very easy to clean.

  • 12PCS Cawa Cups
  • Each piece is decorated with colorful patterns.
  • Serve yourself or your family with refreshing coffee. Its smooth appearance will help you feel relaxed and happy when you drink.
  • The luxury cawa cups is designed to diversify your gala dinner or turn your regular dinner into a celebration.
  • This coffee set will bring an atmosphere of comfort to your family coffee party.
  • II-A
  • II-B
  • II-C
  • II-D